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Smokeping custom Curl probe

I just released a custom Curl probe for smokeping.

Curl probe only fetch load time (that is, total time minus DNS resolution time). But I needed to be able to measure various response times like (extract from curl manpage):

  • time_namelookup
  • time_redirect
  • time_connect
  • time_appconnect
  • time_pretransfer
  • time_starttransfer
  • time_total

If most of them are quite clear, some others are not that obvious. For example, time_appconnect indicate time spent in protocol negotiation before reaching the app.

And that can be used to measure SSL negotiation time !

To achieve that, I added a new configuration option write_out, which can take on the above values. If empty, or not in the list, default Curl probe behaviour apply (total time minus DNS resolution time).

As far as I know, smokeping can only receive one value at a time. That means you have to define as much Targets as wanted timers, and do as much requests as wanted timers.