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Protobix 0.0.9 released

Protobix is a Python implementation of Zabbix Sender protocol. This allows you to easily develop monitoring probes for Zabbix.

It supports both item’s update & Low Level Discovery.
All informations are gathered, formatted and then sent as Zabbix Trappers. This makes monitoring with Zabbix much more efficient than with zabbix-agent’s (both active and passive) items.

Protobix was presented during Zabbix Conference 2015 in Riga.

Protobix 0.0.9 is used by BlaBlaCar in production on both Debian wheezy & jessie servers, with Zabbix 2.4 serie.

What’s new in 0.0.9

Starting 0.0.9, protobix will:

  • read zabbix-agent (you can provide an alternate zabbix-agent config file via command line option) configuration and use following settings:
    • ServerActive
    • LogFile
    • DebugLevel
    • Timeout
  • use logging feature (see protobix/
    • detecting wether there’s a tty or not. If so, it’ll output logs on stderr, which is very usefull for debugging
    • using zabbix-agent LogFile setting (including syslog)

How to install it

You can install protobix from PyPI:

pip install protobix

Protobix is not yet available as Debian package, this is still a work in progress.
If you need a Debian package, you can build package from protobix github repository:

  • master branch is for sid
  • wheezy and jessie branches are for their respective Debian distributions versions.

How to use it

Best way is to have a look on protobix/ It gives you the best averview on how protobix an be used.
If you need some already existing probes, you should have a look on python-zabbix github repository.