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Free software contributions report #2016-01

I decided to start a new periodic report, about my contributions to free softwares.
It’ll mainly talk about the Debian project, and some python modules I package for it.

Sometimes, like in today’s report, I’ll show that I’m able to contribute to some more exotic stuff :)



I prepared a new version of the package with latest upstream version 0.6.2.
The package is not uploaded yet, because of potential issues with Python3.

I’m still waiting for an answer to my comment on PR #119.
Depending on the answer, I’ll upload 0.6.2 package with both pull requests #118 & #119 patches.

[edit of may 23th 22h00] I received the awaited answer. Upstream developers have published a new release, 0.6.3, with all pending pull requests.
I prepared the Debian package for 0.6.3, which has been uploaded in Debian archive tonight.[/edit of may 23th 22h00]

Broadcom FacetimeHD Linux driver

This is a reverse engineered Linux drivers for Broadcom 1570 PCIe webcams.
They can be found on recent Macbooks.

Upstream code is available on github

Since I’m using a Macbook Pro with this webcam model, I started working on a Debian package for the driver.
Debian bug reports can be found here:

The source package can be found on mentors

I worked on packaging improvements, mainly:

  • Removing firmware download which was done during package build
  • Add a script to perform firmware download and installation.
  • Upgrading to the lastest upstream version so that driver can be build against kernel >= 4.4



I fixed a memory leak which has been reported by some users.
It took time to spot it, mainly because I didn’t receive that much details about the problem and how to reproduce it.

I also merged a Pull request to enhance module logging.

I finally prepared a new release candidate for version 0.1.1 and uploaded it on pypi.

I plan to release the 0.1.1 version of protobix within next weeks.

I started to think about SSL support in protobix to be able to securely interact with Zabbix 3.0.
While protobix hasn’t been designed to be use over a Wan connection, it’s still a wanted feature for some of protobix users.

Unfortunatly, I don’t think I’ll be able to support PSK TLS since it doesn’t seem to be implemented in Python.
Nevertheless, TLS based on certificates should be quite easy to support, even though I’ll have to refacto the socket implementation of protobix.


I moved my TweetDeck from a WebApp to a dedicated Firefox profile.
This is due to the removal of WebApp Runtime in Firefox.

Therefore, I worked on an old idea of mine: finding a way to get rid of links.

This Firefox extension replaces Twitter short URLs (infamous, which track your clicks, with the original link URLs.

The original Twitter Link Expander has a major drawback: it uses jQuery. The “Tiny” version aims to get rid of jQuery.
But it was lacking TweetDeck support.

My own version can be found on my github account: Tiny Twitter Link Expander.
It, of course, includes TweetDeck support.